Troy Dickerson,  superintendent
DeAndrea Johnson, secretary

Teachers:  Evette Jackson, Linda Grayer-Jones, Lisa McDaniel, The Ministers

 Our Sunday School is an extension of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and strives to continue His ministry on earth.  We are a small school that is committed to excellence and dedicated to growing Christians for the Church's mission. Our motto is:  "On a mission for God, Christ, and mankind." 

 Our aim is to provide the best Christian education possible.  As the teaching arm of the Church, we offer first-rate religious instruction, and seek to touch the lives of everyone in the congregation from the very young to the very old.  We have a well-prepared teaching staff that joyfully shares the wonders of learning about God.

 Our enrollment is approximately 50 members, and we enjoy a low student-teacher ratio of about 5:1.  We have an enriched curriculum that is age-appropriate.  We have six classes and 12 teachers (including assistants and a teacher-at-large).  Our classes are setup to build strong character and make the student fit subjects for the Kingdom.  The classes are intended to help the student become more productive and useful, as they stand as examples and testimonies to the truth of God's Word. 

 As part of our curriculum, we have a strong and vital music program.  We believe that it is through music that many are motivated to accept Christ.  It is an expression of our love for the Lord and our fellowman. We seek to fulfill our mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ.  We therefore welcome you with open arms, and invite you to join our vision---Disciples made, Christians formed, leaders developed, the Church renewed, the world transformed.

Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church Sunday School
Troy Dickerson