Usher Groups consist of:

               1st Sunday         Senior Ushers
       2nd Sunday        Intermediates
      3rd Sunday         Juniors  
  4th Sunday         Adults
5th Sunday Men

What is a Usher?  An usher is a officer of the church that he or she serves. An usher is one who introduces strangers, a doorkeeper, a forerunner, or one who walks before persons of rank.

Qualifications of an Usher:

Christianity - To be a good church usher, you must be a Christian.  A Christian is one who professes Jesus Christ as savior; and accepts Him as Lord.
Courtesy - If we fail to be courteous to all guest, especially the poor, lame and the blind; we have failed Christ just that much.
Alertness - means to always be on the watch--quick to act.
Promptness - means to be quick to act as the occasion demands.
Courageousness - an usher is one who can fame life with a smile when things are not so pleasant; can meet his or her obligations, sorrows, and joys, half-way.
Discipline - the one great factor of success in any usher group is the discipline with which it is controlled.

We would consider it an honer if the Holy Spirit led you to become a part of our Usher Board.

May God continue to bless and keep you

President - Sis. Pamela Thomas
Vice President -  Sis. Lurlean Kline

Pamela Thomas
Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church